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Basic Questions:
One: favorite race
Two: favorite shoe brand
Three: Nike or Under Armor?
Four: favorite gatorade flavor
Five: favorite food ever
Six: mile time
Seven: school mascot
Eight: longest you've ever run
Nine: favorite running song
Ten: runner you idolize
Interesting Questions:
Eleven: If female - would you rather be Alexi Pappas or Jordan Hasay? if male - Evan Jager or Nick Symmonds?
Twelve: describe your favorite running socks
Thirteen: post a picture of your spikes (if you have them)
Fourteen: Do you have any hills worth worth talking about?
Fifteen: shorts or spandex?
Sixteen: tell about a run where you got overheated
Seventeen: best race ever :)
Eighteen: worst race ever :(
Nineteen: favorite form of carbs?
Twenty: favorite fruit
Twenty-one: favorite junk food
Twenty-two: pre-race meal
Twenty-three: do you wear a watch?
Twenty-four: ideal running outfit
Twenty-five: Have you seen Without Limits? (Pre movie)
Twenty-six: hardest workout ever (or top three)
Twenty-seven: Would you rather do 400 or 1000 repeats?
Twenty-eight: leggings or sweatpants
Twenty-nine: Do you ice bath?
Thirty: describe your favorite running trail
Thirty-one: funny experience at track or xc meet
Thirty-two: tell about how one of your races where you PR'd
Thirty-three: How long do you have to wait after eating before you run?
Thirty-four: Do you ever do homework on the way to meets? (if in hs)
Thirty-five: tell about your track or xc coach. or both.
Thirty-six: ever won a race?
Thirty-seven: ever gotten last in a race?
Thirty-eight: Have you ever run with a dog?
Thirty-nine: favorite running quote
Forty: tell about an interesting person on your team
Forty-one: favorite ab exercise
Forty-two: pre-race traditions?
Forty-three: Have you ever run at night? If so, how was it?
Forty-four: Food that you eat a lot of a track or xc meets
Forty-five: pancakes or waffles?
Forty-six: spaghetti or pizza?
Forty-seven: Do you ever lift weights?
Forty-eight: What is your ideal running weather?
Forty-nine: ever run in the snow?
Fifty: when and how did you start running?